Write for DogSync

At the DogSync blog, we’re all about content that helps dog owners and dogs solve their day-to-day problems. We’d love to work with writers who are dog lovers :)

We accept guest posts. The following guidelines apply:

  1. You need to have adorable pictures of dogs somewhere in your post.
  2. Ideally, your post would be longer than 500 words. We don’t think content should be measured by how long it is, but in order to get good ideas across, we’ve found that a pretty good guideline for the kind of pieces we want.
  3. Your post needs to be meaningful for dog owners, and it needs to solve a glaring problem they hold. We want substance.
  4. The tone of your piece should be fun, informal, and simple.

If that sounds like you and your guest post pitch, and you’d like to write for the DogSync blog, please email us at support@dogsync.com!