why dogs are better than cats

Why Dogs are Better than Cats

Why Dogs are Better than Cats: An Informative and Unbiased Post

Firstly, the fact that you probably googled the term “Why Dogs are Better than Cats” to reach this post, you’re obviously looking for reasons for why dogs are better than cats. Maybe you’re debating getting a cat or a dog, maybe you’re wondering which one cuddles better, or maybe you’re looking for an informative and unbiased post. We here at DogSync have your back.

Dogs are Like a best friend…

If you look up the word “Dog” in the dictionary, you’re going to find “unconditional love”. Dogs are the best at giving you love whenever you need it, having a dog means having a best friend to go home to.

…Whereas Cats are like silent room mates that steal your food

Cats aren’t like best friends, rather they’re like silent room mates that you hardly see except for when they want to ask for some food from you. If they don’t want something from you, because they’re super independent, they’ll scratch you up like a lottery ticket.

Dogs are Loyal…

Dogs will stick with you to the end, on top of that if your dog went missing, you’d be freaking out. Cats on the other hand…

…Cats Break Hearts

Sticking with you to the end? More like when the food ends. Also, your cat going missing is almost a daily occurrence.



Cat food smells

Dog food is easy, dog food is simple… and best of all, it doesn’t smell. Cat food smells so much, it can stink up a kitchen.

Litter Boxes Smell

As if smelly food wasn’t enough, a litter box adds to the smell factor three fold.

You can play with a dog

When someone plays with a dog they end up laughing. When someone tries to play with a cat they end up in the ER.

There we have it, why dogs are better than cats

Are you a cat lover? Dog lover with more reasons why dogs are better than cats? Sound off in the comments below, just no biting!

Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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