Top 9 Places You Can Find Dog Deals

No cost is too high for a precious dog, but it’s always good to save some money when you can. The ASCPA has estimated the cost of having a dog to range to almost a couple of thousand of dollars: if you’re caring for a dog pack of your own, that can quickly get expensive.

We here at Dogsync have compiled a list of the top nine places we’ve found to help you get great dog deals. A focus group comprised of the top dog experts in the nation and our resident mutt Winston (his most convincing piece of evidence being “woof woof”) have determined that you’d rather look at smiling dog pictures than dog food logos, so we’ve rushed to comply.

1) Halopets Coupons

Rover says “Woof!”

Hollywood superstar Ellen Degeneres co-owns the Halo brand of pet food, a place where the emphasis is on natural, healthy products for dog owners who want the best. If you join their newsletter, you’ll get a $10 coupon straight off the bat. That makes Rover here happy.

2) Purina Coupons

Winnie wants to know more.

Anybody who knows about dogs probably knows about Purina: now you know that you can print off coupons from their website and get free dog treats. That makes Winnie here curious.

3) HillsPet Deals

Charlie is loving life.

Hills Pet wanted to get into the fun as well, and they’re offering a few dollars off their products. That makes Charlie here as happy as he can be.

4) IAMS Coupons

Lily needs to know more!

IAMS is offering lifelong rewards for you in the form of an email newsletter. They’ll give you tips and tricks and exclusive promotions along the way. That makes Lily here want to get out the cup and play!

5) Retailmenot Dog Toys

Rover can’t make his smile any larger!

Enough with the dog food! Retailmenot has got exclusive deals for you on various dog toys. That makes Rover here smile.

6) Wholesale Pet

Stevie is amazed at the wonders of modern life.

Are you big on the whole wholesale buying concept? Love to browse through Costco to see what deals you’ll get? Use WholesalePet to get that experience with your dogs. This makes Stevie here want to know a lot more.

7) Petfoodtalk Dog Coupons

Alli is really up on life.

Ok, back onto the dog food theme for a while. Petfoodtalk has done a wonderful job pulling in deals from all over that you can’t miss. Make sure you take advantage, Alli above certainly will!

8) Doggyloot

Steve knows what’s up.

Get a curated selection of the best products for your dog, with mouth-watering discounts and free shipping. Doggyloot rocks, and Steve above knows it!

9) Petcarerx

Kelly has everything she needs.

Is your dog feeling a bit off? Make sure you get dog medications at an affordable price so they can feel much better. Kelly here is onboard with that.

We hope you enjoyed our list of dog deals–and that you take advantage of them right away!

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Roger Huang

Roger Huang

Lover AND a fighter. Roger aspires to own many dogs and no cats.