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10 Best Dog Gadgets and Devices

We live in a wonderful age where you can shoot a photo across two continents at the blink of an eye. For every technology that you use, there’s a dog out there that could use a gadget or two. Thankfully, the technology revolution hasn’t left Rover behind–and here are the ten best dog gadgets and devices we could find to prove that.


Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you are away? Many dog owners have been shocked to see what really happens when they’re at the office.

Thankfully, the connected world hasn’t missed your pets. Petcube is  a box-sized camera that can swerve around to follow your pets no matter where they are. It allows you to follow your pets and better yet, communicate with them from miles away. The Internet of Things has finally evolved into the Internet of Dogs.

Petcube with


Dogs need to be just as healthy as their owners. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and Fitbark makes sure that you’re keeping tabs on your doggy and their health habits.

Fitbark offers a tracker that can be placed on a dog leash. It feeds information to a mobile application about the exercise and sleep habits of your dog and gives your dog BarkPoints for good habits. It reinforces the good work you and your dog put in to stay happy and healthy.


Petnet is a device that allows you to remotely manage feeding times for all of your dogs. It’s a feeder that will automatically slide food portions out to your pets. It also helps manage healthy portions for your dogs and can even help you automate ordering dog food. Similar to the Petcube, Petnet allows you to work or travel without bringing your dog along and like Fitbark, it works to get your dog healthier.

petnet with DogSync
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4-The Halobelt

The Halobelt is a glow-in-the-dark collar that comes in dog-friendly versions. Whenever you’re walking your canine friend at night, you can rest assured that fellow pedestrians and motorists will be able to see you and your furry friend from miles away. That’s going to help you with safety–and the Halobelt can also double as the best kind of party prop.

5-No More Woof

No More Wolf looks like something from a science fiction movie. It’s a set of wired headphones that scans your dogs brain and transmits  the electrical signals into human language.  Imagine being able to hear the inner thoughts of your dog, at any time!

We’re not 100% sure on whether the science holds up, but the promise of it was too much to pass up mentioning them. As an added bonus, you can customize which voice your dog uses to talk. That’s way too awesome.


The absolute nightmare of every dog owner is losing a precious dog. Tagg is a GPS-enabled collar that ensures you’ll always be able to find your doggy, no matter where they go. The company also gets bonus points for telling you when the temperature around your dog is just a little too hot or a little too cold.

tagg-pet-tracker-4 with DogSync
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7- PetChatz

It’s a constant need for most dog owners to get connected with their dogs at all times–and vice versa! PetChatz is a pet camera that is built for that need. By enabling two-way communication between dogs and humans, it ensures both happy dogs and infinite workplace distractions.

8- DART Rotating Laser

Pew pew pew! Never underestimate the power of lasers to both highlight random Powerpoints and amuse dogs. While the DART is also branded the FroliCat (“gasp”), we think dogs can have just as much fun chasing around red beams of light as their cat frenemies.

9- Pavlovian Potty Trainer

If losing a dog is a dog owners biggest nightmare, getting a wet present on the carpet probably follows only a few ranks behind. Thankfully, Pavlov is still alive and kicking in the form of a smart mat that will actually reward your dog for peeing in the right place with an automated treat. You don’t even have to be at home to potty train your dog: that’s a sweet deal!

10- iFetch

Want to play Fetch with a relentless dog? Have double the fun with zero the effort. You can use the iFetch machine to automatically throw balls with a machine. The team behind this machine have taken automation to a whole other level, and it’s your dog that will benefit first.

DogSync with iFetch
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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly outfit them with the very best dog gadgets and devices. You can organize all those new toys with the DogSync task management system and benefit from the doggy tech revolution!

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