#ThankfulThursdays: Jake the Dog

Every Thursday we’re going to be posting a small Q&A with some fellow dog lovers. This week we’re featuring Jake the Dog, an adorable pitbull with a heart of gold!

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Let us know a bit about your dog:

My dog’s name is Jake, he’s a 4 month old pitbull and he’s the most stubborn dog in the world. It was hard just to get him to sit still. He’s a sweetheart though… Very loving and affectionate.

What was the hardest thing to train your dog not to do?

He hates being alone and he won’t sleep unless I’m around. If I sit down, he makes himself comfortable on my lap, biting and licking me until he falls asleep.

How did you go about looking for your dog?

We initially wanted to adopt a pitty from a local animal shelter but all the dogs they had were too grown already so when my dad’s friend told him that his dog had pups we immediately booked one. Jake wasn’t the first choice though… We chose a beautiful brindle pup but when we went back to collect, Jake stole our hearts. He came out running like he was supposed to leave with us.

If your dog had a job title, what would it be?

I think if he had a job he’d be a full time baby.

Is there anything else you’d like to add to be featured on the pPic #2ost?

There’s a negative stereotype concerning pitbulls and it’s not because of them, it’s their owners. With dogfighting and all that. They look like vicious dogs but they are complete and utter sweethearts. They are so affectionate. They never want to leave your side. They are extremely playful. They will destroy any toy you give them and their food bowl when the food is done.

Jake changed my own perception on pitbulls. People are afraid of him because of his breed but if they knew who he is they’d know he would never hurt a fly.


Do you have any questions for Jake the Pitbull or did that cute picture make you want more? If so give him a follow on Instagram here!

Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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