#ThankfulThursdays: Sandy Suna

Every Thursday we’re posting a small Q&A with some fellow dog lovers. This week we’re featuring Suna, a sweetheart with quite a personality!

Let us know a bit about ySunaandkane2our dog:

My dog’s name is Suna, she’s a German Shepherd Border Collie cross, weighing around 55 pounds. She’s a very sweet dog with a big heart, she loves just about everything and everyone. She is kind of a scared, wimpy dog at first but then she toughens up. Suna actually means sand in Japanese and she is kind of a sandy colour, that’s why we chose the name.

What’s the silliest thing your dog has ever done?

Well, Suna has done a LOT of silly things. Sometimes if I’m not with her when she eats in the kitchen, she gets a mouth full of kibble, walks all the way to the living room, drops the kibble on the ground and eats it there just so she can be near me.

Why is your dog cooler than all the other dogs at the dog park?

Well I would like to say Suna is cooler than all the other dogs at the park but she’s a wimp. She gets scared over little things and the fur on her back stands up. Although she IS wimpy, after a minute or so she loosens up and then becomes one of the toughest dogs there. I think she’s the underDOG… and who doesn’t love an underdog?

Sunaandkane1If your dog had a job title, what would it be?

It would probably be a professional soccer player! She is a really good soccer dog!

Where does your dog sleep?

Suna normally sleeps on my bed crammed beside me, that or (very rarely) her own doggy bed! I don’t even know why she has a bed if she never uses it!

Silly Suna! She also likes to sleep on the couch when I’m not home, like a lot of dogs she does lie down on the floor.


Isn’t Suna adorable? Check out her adventures on Instagram here, and if you have any questions you’d like us to ask in future #ThankfulThursdays be sure to comment!

Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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