Tech Tuesdays: Follow Your Dog Everywhere With The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Every Tuesday, technology is going to the dogs. This week we’re highlighting Whistle: small GPS-tracking collars that make it easy to follow your dog everywhere.

At DogSync, we share blog posts about dogs, because we love dogs. We share awesome artists, because we love awesome artists. We also love new technology so this week we’ll be featuring Whistle. Founded in 2012, Whistle is a company with a corporate culture centered around dogs and technology. With over $22M in funding, Whistle offers two products: the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker and an Activity Monitor.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

The idea of a GPS for dogs may come off as unnecessary but consider that the GPS Tracker is similar to a plunger: it’s better to have it rather than to wish you had it when you need it. Whistle’s GPS keeps you informed on where your dog is, wherever you are. Using the GPS Pet Tracker is easy: once attached on a collar or harness up to 1″ wide, all the information on your pet’s location can be retrieved from your phone. When your dog steps outside of a designated safe zone, which you can set yourself, a notification is sent out informing you of the current location of the dog.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is similar to a plunger: it’s better to have it rather than wish you had it when you’re in need of it.

Back when I had a dog, there were three times that my family and I could have used the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker to find our beloved furry friend, Patch. Two times my family and I had forgotten Patch at our country place, only to realize after a half hour of driving that she wasn’t in the car. We were lucky that she was such a patient dog, she waited for us both times!

The third time was a little more terrifying. Someone had untied her from a post while we were inside grocery shopping. We came outside a few minutes later on a hot summer day only to find that our dog was missing. We spent that day running around trying to find her. We were yelling for her at the top of our lungs, wishing for her to return home alright. It was near dawn when I saw Patch run around a corner bolting towards us. She was an extremely smart dog and had she not returned home that day, it would have changed my life. All this to say that Whistle shouldn’t be seen as an extra gadget but rather as a means of saving yourself from a devastating experience. These situations could have easily been avoided if my family and I were able to know of our dog’s whereabouts with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker.

patch whistle

For the curious: this is Patch’s “patiently waiting for us to return” look.

The Whistle Activity Monitor

Whistle’s second product, the Activity Monitor, has extra features that will prove useful for any dog parents out there.

  1. It keeps tabs on your dogs activity level and sleep patterns
    You can track progress on your dogs activity level and the quality of the exercise they receive. Want to know how your dog is doing compared to other dogs? Daily activity levels can be compared to similar dogs out there.
  2. It tracks health trends
    On top of monitoring activity levels, the Activity Monitor also picks up on any irregularities and informs you through the app.
  3. It allows multiple people to connect to the same pet’s account
    All of the information received is shared with everyone else that takes care of the dog, so long as they all have the Whistle mobile application installed on their phones!


If Whistle has a product that you’re interested in, follow this link to receive
free standard shipping on all Whistle orders over $50. Stay tuned for next week as we’ll be covering some more fun doggie technology!

Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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