rescue dog stories

Rescue Dog Stories: 5 Heartwarming Tales

This week we would like to share some heartwarming rescue dog stories from our Pack Leaders. They also have some great advice for whoever wants to adopt a rescue and have their own rescue story. Grab a chair and get your tissues ready!

rescue dog stories: 5 heartwarming tales

There’s always some degree of sadness behind all rescue dog stories, but the important part is the happy ending :)

dog rescue stories

“A few friends of my husband and I knew we were looking for a dog to register as an ESA (emotional support animal). We did our research and found out that rescue pups actually make the best support animals! So my friend sent me over links from Craigslist and we saw Nama. It said that they needed to find her a home or they were just going to release her into the wild. Seeing this we went and met with her, fell in love, and couldn’t leave there without her. As she grew up we realized she made the perfect ESA and we registered her. Nama is now a happy service dog that has a long time home.”

dog rescue stories

“Laura came to me as a rescue while I was scouring the province for corgis. Her story is a little unconventional in that a breeder had been trying to use her as a breeding dog for 4 long years before finally deciding that since she was never able to give them any pups she had no value to them and they were just “getting rid” of her. I scooped her up immediately and drove 3 hours each way through a blizzard to make sure she came home with me that day! She is now living a pampered city life with her sister Artemis and only has time for boyfriends if they’re of *her* choosing at the dog park.”

dog rescue stories

“When I decided I was ready to adopt a dog, I knew I wanted a rescue. I searched high and low for the right one. It turned out that Cindy had already been adopted, but her sister ‘Janet’ was still available. The rescue sent me their story. Someone had found a box under a bridge in a snowstorm, they could hear tiny yips coming from the box. Upon opening the box they found 5 puppies. Sadly 3 of them had passed from the cold. The two remaining females were rescued and put up for adoption. Once I read this, I agreed to adopt Janet sight unseen. How different could she be from Cindy?

I went to pick her up and they handed me a tiny black puppy. I thought she was much too small and looked nothing like the photo of Cindy I had seen. She stunk to high heaven, was filthy and had mange. We got her cleaned up, to the vet and renamed ASAP! There is no good reason that her name is Cheeseburger, but she most certainly was not a Janet! The planets aligned to bring me my best friend and I could not be more grateful!”

Pack Leaders also shared what they’ve gotten from their experiences

dog rescue stories

“If you have the option to foster before adopting DO IT. Don’t pick a dog based on breed alone. Strongly take into consideration your living space – is it better suited for a small dog or large, is the dog energetic and need room to run around, etc. If you have a kid or another pet, introduce them in a safe space beforehand.”



dog rescue stories

“Rescue pups can require a lot of patience. With most of these dogs, it’s hard to know what kind of environment they were in before, so they might exhibit some undesirable behaviors — especially in the beginning. Don’t give up on your new furry friend. With a little training, some patience and a lot of TLC they will learn to correct those behaviors and live happily ever after in their fur-ever home.”


Aren’t you tempted to give a forever home to a new best friend? If so, reach out to shelters around you and keep an eye for younger or older pups that need to relocate. We recommend Pet Finder! Maybe you’ll have your own rescue dog stories in the near future. Thanks again to our Pack Leaders for their participation and subscribe for more doggy appreciation posts :) 

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