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Pit Bulls: To Ban or Not to Ban

pit bull
Christiane Vadnais, left, died Wednesday after she was attacked by what police described as a Pit Bull

Banning Pit Bulls in Quebec

Last week something terrible happened in Quebec. According to CBC, Christiane Vadnais, a well liked 55 year old woman, was found dead in her backyard after supposedly being mauled by a Pit Bull. Now Vadnais’ family is calling on Quebec to ban Pit Bulls, claiming that they are a dangerous breed.

Quite the Debate

The call for Pit Bulls to be banned has created a clash between those for and against the ban. The comment sections of major news sources, such as this CBC article, are ripe with people pushing for nation-wide bans. On the other side of the fence, this past Sunday there was a march organized to oppose the ban. The arguments provided by those against the ban are sound, with one attendee saying “There are certainly people who should not have a dog, that have dogs for the wrong reasons, that are irresponsible with their dogs. […] Quite frankly, if we prohibit a certain type of dog, these people are simply going to switch to another type of dog.”

About the Pit Bull Terrier

Originally bred for dog fighting purposes in the early 1800’s, the Pit Bull Terrier has since grown popular. Despite their aggressive tendencies, they can be great dogs if well trained at an early age. Getting a Pit Bull means that you’re going to have to train the dog, making sure to socialize at a young age with both people and other dogs.

Our Stance on the Subject

Pit Bull
Just look at those eyes

We believe that Pit Bulls have the potential to be great dogs and calling on a ban on the breed isn’t the right way to go about this tragic event. The Pittie to the left, Jake, is one of our Pack Leaders. This is what Jake’s owner had to say regarding Pit Bulls: “There’s a negative stereotype concerning pitbulls and it’s not because of them, it’s their owners. With dogfighting and all that. They look like vicious dogs but they are complete and utter sweethearts. They are so affectionate. They never want to leave your side. They are extremely playful. They will destroy any toy you give them and their food bowl when the food is done.”

It seems the general consensus for those against the ban is that Pit Bulls are great dogs and it’s unfortunate that they often times get adopted by bad owners.  The Montreal SPCA put it best, the following being an excerpt from a post about their opposition to a recent ban on dangerous breeds in a Montreal suburb:

” The Montreal SPCA is committed to helping municipal officials to adopt effective legislation that address the root causes of aggression: including the development and enforcement of animal control bylaws which address sterilization, mandatory pet identification, proper education and socialization, effective licensing regulations, and accountability of pet guardianship for an animal’s behaviour. Tougher laws need to address animal neglect that very often contributes to canine aggression, regardless of breed or physical appearance.

Let’s focus on effective solutions to keep our society safe.”

Below is the full post from the SPCA:

We fully stand by what the SPCA wrote, hopefully Quebec won’t be implementing a province-wide ban. If there is one put in place, we won’t be quiet about it. Hope you enjoyed the read and sound off in the comments below!


Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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