my top 5 dog movies

My top 5 Dog Movies

My Top 5 Dog Movies

A little bit about me: aside from writing for DogSync, I’m also a film student. Movies are my first love (sorry dogs), they have shaped the way a perceive the world. So, in homage to my passion for good films, and my love for pups, I am making this lists that mixes both. You have probably watched one of my top 5 dog movies, maybe not, but make sure you check them out if you like dogs and movies the way I do.

5. Lady and the Tramp

Who has not watched this movie? It is a Disney classic. It tells the story of a high society dog that escapes from her owners and meets a street dog whose life is the opposite of what she has been used to. A romance starts to blossom as these two opposites embark on a journey through the streets.

my top 5 dog moviesThis movie has very rich characters, and the two main dogs are well-developed. Their love story might be a little cliché, but the way it is told makes it unique (Disney tends to make movies with overused themes, but with a twist in the way they are presented). The metaphor behind the movie is great, and since it is a children’s movie it helps your child to understand that we are all the same regardless of class, looks, and way of thinking. We can always find something in others that makes us like that person, we just have to be open-minded about meeting new people and being able to step out of our comfort zone. Because of this the Lady and the Tramp deserves a spot in my top 5 dog movies.

4. Hachi

This movie is heartbreaking, you are probably going to cry or hold back those tears. It is about a the loyalty a dog has for his/her owner, and those who have had a dog before can relate. For me it was and amazing story that perfectly displays the love dogs have for their owners, something that I believe it is overlooked by many. People have the misconception to believe that animals have feelings too, and if you believe that you should watch this movie, you should watch this movie.

What is amazing is that it is based on a true story! It is not like someone made this up, Hachi really existed, and the true story is as emotional as the movie. If you do not have a dog this movie is going to make you want one. This is why this movie is in my top 5 dog movies.

3.  Marley & Me

Ok, so apparently I have something for sad, dog movies. But they are so good, and they make me think about my current pup and those I have lost. These movies do not make me sad, they evoke a feeling of nostalgia that only movies like this are able to do.

Marley & Me is no exception. The way a dog changes the dynamic in a family is unbelievable, and if you have a family of your own and are thinking of getting a dog you should watch this movie, you will want one right away. The movie has a great balance between comedy and drama, it makes you think about our mortality.

2. 101 Dalmatians

We are back to Disney classics. This flick has aged like fine wine. You watched as a kid, and you enjoyed the hell out of it. Watch it as an adult and you will notice how messed up it really is, and it is still pretty good. Just look at the villain’s plan.:A woman is trying to get these pups to skin them and take their fur. A movie for kids!? I do not think so.  Also, it has one of the most memorable villains in movie history: Cruella De Vil. She is mean, she is elegant, pure evil (I mean, she has Devil as her last name), the perfect antagonist. The story is pretty simple, but what makes this film stand out the most is its well written villain. Cruella is to Disney what the Joker is for DC Comics.

1. John Wick

DISCLAIMER: This movie only has a dog for the first 25 minutes or so.

Time to wipe away the tears and watch something less heartbreaking.

On the surface this movie is about a trained killer who goes mad after someone murders his dog. Simple. But if you dig deeper you will find that is not about that, it is about what the dog represented and what he had been going through. Some bad guys pissed off the wrong guy at the wrong time. Throughout the first few minutes of the film you will see how the relationship between John Wick and his dog evolves. And like many of us, this dog means the world for him (I will not say why because I do not want to spoil you), and he will do anything to avenge him.

It is extremely entertaining, and it has one of the most exciting action sequences I have seen in recent movies. It is also Keanu Reeves come back (although he messed up again when he did “Knock Knock“). This movie performed so well that they are making a sequel, lets just hope they do justice to its predecessor.

This is a subjective list, there are many more movies that I can name on a list, and who knows? Maybe I will do another one of these top 5 for those who are animal lovers and cinephiles as well. Hope you enjoyed my top 5 dog movies.

Let us know which one is your favourite, and if you have any movie suggestions do not hesitate to comment them!

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