Meet the team: Eric “Pro Hacker”

Ever wonder what went on behind the world’s most beautiful app? Wonder no more. This bi-weekly installment of posts will be introducing you to the wonderful team that makes up DogSync. This week’s interviewee is Eric Kueper, the Lead iOS Developer. Eric enjoys cooking, football, and snowboarding on rad mountains. 

When did you start working at DogSync?
End of June 2015, I had just stopped focusing on a side project that was a social media app and wanted to work in a startup using some of the skills I’d learned.

What do you do now at DogSync?
I’m lead iOS developer and part of the product team with Cory. Being on both sides allows us to prioritize the app by combining the features that are quickest to implement and what users want most added to the app.

DogSync’s Pro Hacker

Are there any bits of information that you can let readers know about the future of DogSync that isn’t confidential?
We love it when people send feedback and how people use it. Everything else is too top secret.

Do you have a dog?
My family has a dog but I don’t have one just yet. Her name is Abbey, she’s a golden retriever mixed with a collie.

What’s you favorite football team?
New York Giants.

Favorite Hockey Team?
Much tougher question, I cheer for both the Habs and Detroit.

You traitor, for a second I thought you said the Boston Bruins.
No no, Habs cause they’re local but I’ve always liked Detroit.

If you were at a party and someone asked what the company you worked for was about, how would you pitch it?
Depends what kind of party!.. That doesn’t go in the interview *laughs*

I work at a startup doing a communication app for dog owners. We make it easier for groups of people, family and friends, to all help care for their dogs

What is your favorite wake up song?
Hmm, “Sympathy For The Devil” by The Rolling Stones

Last question: What’s your ultimate meal to cook?
Damn, so difficult. It would have to be homemade pizza… you can’t go wrong with homemade pizza. I wing it for the dough and throw some ingredients together.

So there we have it, you now know Eric a little bit better. Isn’t he rad? Be sure to check our blog on the regular for more content. If you’re curious about our App you can check it out here.

Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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