Winstin the yorkie maltese mix is teach you how to give paw

How to teach your dog a new trick: paw like a BOSS

Everybody agrees that dogs are the best thing to happen to the world since candied bacon, but their cuteness factor goes up five-fold when they know adorable tricks like paw (AKA puppy high five).

It’s actually pretty easy to teach your dog to paw. All you need is a few treats, about 10 minutes and some patience.

1) Get your dogs attention with the treats, then take your pups paw and say the word “paw” a few times. Immediately follow that by giving your dog a treat. Your dog will start to associate the word paw with the action of pawing and the reward of treats.

2) Repeat this process about 1o or 20 times–think of Pavlov. Use small treats to get this budding association to stick in your dogs head.

3) Now is the tough part but have faith. This works. Hold a treat in the air with one hand and hold the other out for your dogs paw and say paw. Keep repeating paw and watch your dogs brain try to make sense of the situation. They will probably jump at the treat, but give a stern no, say their name to get their focus back on you and keep this up. You are watching your dog learn right in front of you. They will learn to raise their paw for the treat. When this happens you have to be ready give them that treat and celebrate their success with applause.

4) Repeat the process of waiting for your dog to give you their paw until it starts to happen effortlessly.

5) This is the most important part: you need to be consistent with their training in order for your dog to learn the paw trick. We like to use DogSync to log training sessions so we can train our dogs effectively. It’s recommended that you train your dog for at least twice a day, ten minutes each the first week and once a day for the second week. Eventually, your pup will have learned a new trick and will have become a paw master.

Next, you will have to teach your dog a new trick and learn how to train the OTHER PAW!

Happy Training from your friends at DogSync!


Ben Syne

Ben Syne

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