how to teach a dog to roll over

How to Teach A Dog to Roll Over

How to teach a dog to roll over

Knowing how to teach a dog to roll over is both impressive to show off and easy to teach. Here’s what you need on hand:

  • Your dog
  • A place with a few distractions so that your dog will pay attention to you
  • Your dog’s favorite treats


Step One:  Get your dog to lay down in front of you.

Step Two:  Take a treat and hold it to the right side of our dog’s head.

Step Three: Bring the treat all the way over to the other side of your dog’s head. You dog’s head will follow the treat, and their body will follow the head. As you do this, be sure to emphasize the words “roll over” every time you do it, so that they associate the words “roll over” with that action.

Step Four: If your dog succeeds give them the treat, and tons of praise so that they know they’ve done it right!

If they didn’t get it on the first try, don’t sweat it, it really just takes practice and repetition.

We hope this tutorial and video helped you out with learning how to teach a dog to roll over. Don’t forget to send us any requests you might have for tutorials, or funny photos that you would like to see.

Or even better, share with us your photos and videos of your furry friends trying out their new trick!

Ben Syne

Ben Syne

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