How to find a name for your dog

We’re introducing a new feature for our Pack Leaders, where they’ll share their advice, stories, and opinions from dog lovers to dog lovers. This week is all about how to find a name for your dog.

How to find a name for your dog

We all know that finding your new dog’s name is a great power that comes with great responsibilities. You can’t just call your pup “Dog” all the time (although some might beg to differ). While there’s no miracle ways to find the most suitable puppy name, there’s a few basic tips to help you get started on how to find a name for your dog.

So, how do you come up with the perfect name?

First, you need to remember there’s no such thing as a perfect name. The name will become perfect once you get used to it even if you have doubts at the beginning. Just remember that even if you end up not liking the name you previously chose, you can always change it.

In the naming process, if you come up with too many names, you should start by writing them all down and go by elimination. Try saying the names out loud to see if you like the sound of it. If on the other hand you can’t come up with any names at all, think of your favourite movie or tv character, of someone famous you look up too, or even of words related to your hobby. The names or words you find might not end up being the perfect name, but it can lead to it.

Any dog parent would advice you to wait until you have spent some time with puppy before you decide of a name since your dog’s name should fit their personality.

Now, let’s see what our Pack Leaders have to say about how to find a name for your dog:

How to find a name for your dog“Try to think of a name that you think you’ll enjoy yelling out at the dog park.”

How to find a name for your dog“Make a list of names and narrow it down. Pick a name you like, and don’t worry about what others think of it!”

How to find a name for your dog “Trust me, once you hold your new puppy and feel the connection, you’ll know the right name for him/her.”

More importantly…

How to find a name for your dog“Remember your dog will be happy with whatever you call them.”

To inspire how to find a name for your dog, here’s the story behind some of our Leader’s dog names. 

@nugget.toypoodle How to find a name for your dog“My dog’s name is Nugget. I was thinking of different things that were similar to her colour and “Nougat” came to mind. When we met up with the breeder to pick her up, we waited at McDonald’s for my dog and I started thinking of names and again and Nugget was a perfect name for both her colour and because we picked her up at McDonald’s!”

How to find a name for your dog“My dog’s name is Coach, after the one and only Coach Mike Ditka. I chose it because we are huge Chicago Bears’ fans and wanted to pay homage to the coach who gave us our lone Super Bowl Championship. Coach has definitely grown into his name and teaches us something everyday; he’s our little life coach!”

How to find a name for your dog“My name is Lucca and I’m a mini pom! My pommy mommy named me after her grandfather. Her grandpa passed away from cancer the week that she took me home. Mommy wanted to name me after him so every day she was with me, she would in some way be with him too! Grandpa was from Lucca in Italy !”

Not everyone ends up getting a new puppy though… what about rescues?

How to find a name for your dog“My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to adopt Roscoe from a local shelter. Roscoe was given his name at birth and it fits his personality, so we decided to keep it. Like many rescue pets we don’t know a lot about Roscoe’s past, however this is one thing I can tell you is if someone is adopting a pet and doesn’t want to keep the animals original name, get to know them and their personality before you officially name the animal.”

Wasn’t that easy? Now you’re fully equipped with the knowledge on how to name your dog! Thank you to all our Pack Leaders and stay tuned for more posts about our furry best friends :)

Caroline Lussier

Caroline Lussier

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