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Approach Dogs the Right Way: Dog Treats #1

Dog Treats is going to be a series of posts that highlight issues dog owners may experience. This week we’re discussing how to approach dogs… it’s a topic that’s important to discuss because if you don’t know how to approach dogs, an unpleasant experience may occur.

How to approach dogs

Browsing the /r/dogs subreddit has a lot of great dog content, an informal community, and the occasional vent about the frustrations a dog owner experiences. There was recently a post by a user, Justawitch, saying that parents need to teach their kids how to approach dogs. Any owner knows that some kids have no problem running up to the dog which can be stressful if the dog isn’t great around them. When Justawitch’s dog started barking at the kid, the parent said “You need to learn to control that dog”. Here’s a picture of the fluff monster in question, isn’t she adorable?

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Understandably, Justawitch’s vent was about how parents should teach their kids how to approach dogs. Back when I had a dog, the one thing that would really grind my gears was when someone else told me how I should train her. I knew how she was with others and would make sure that she wouldn’t get caught in unpleasant situations. The issue is that sometimes there’s events that you have close to no control over, like the story above, which leads to the following infographic by Lili Chin:


Doing it right

Knowing the correct way to greet a dog can save you from putting the owner in a stressful situation or worse, the dog may bite you. One thing to keep in mind that isn’t mentioned in the illustration is that you should always ask the owner if it’s okay to approach the dog.

That’s it for now, are there any experiences that irk you? Sound off in the comment, we’re all ears!

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