Homemade Dog Food: DIY Style

Back when I had a dog, my parents would always make sure to feed her healthy homemade dog food. Our recipe usually involved beef, ground up carrots, rice, and peanut butter. My dog was so accustomed to eating such a delicious meal that she refused to eat any store bought food unless it was lathered in peanut butter. Being an advocate for homemade dog food, both for health reasons and for the love of spoiling my dog, I couldn’t help but resist to share this infographic provided by Breeder Retriever. Keep in mind that every dog is different and while one may be able to eat chicken without any issues, knowing what you can and can’t feed your dog is a trial and error process. I know for a fact that my family learned the hard way (or rather the liquid way, as in diarrhea) that our dog couldn’t handle chicken, which is why we went for beef in our recipe.

With all that said, get your crock pot ready, because your dog is about to start eating like royalty.

Homemade Dog Food in Five Easy Steps:

homemade dog food

Thanks for tuning in to this post and comment below if you have any thoughts! Enjoy feeding your dog the best food possible and stay awesome!


Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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