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Four things to do when buying dog toys

Hey there, fellow dog lovers!

We all know that dogs love their dog toys. Toys fight boredom when a dog is left by itself. They connect puppies with their owners and they help provide all sorts of benefits. When choosing toys it’s important to be mindful of the fun it can provide as well as the safety of your dog. Here is a list of tips and tricks of picking the safest dog toys for your cute little buddy so you can keep that all in mind!

There are many factors to consider when buying a new toy: size of your dog, activity level, environment and so on.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right dog toy for your canine friend:


  1. Toys should be the right size for your dog. Toys or balls that are too small could easily be swallowed by your dog so buying the right size is important.


  1. When buying a toy with a squeaker, make sure to supervise your dog when they’re playing with that you. Dogs often want to find and destroy the squeaker inside the toy and that could become dangerous if your dog digests it.


  1. When buying a stuffed toy, look for a label that states that it is safe for children under 3 years old. This will ensure it doesn’t contain any dangerous fillings like nutshells, or polystyrene beads.


  1. Try to find soft toys that are machine washable.  You can easily wash your dog’s toys and get rid of any bacteria that are harmful to you or your dog.


The Humane Society offers a list of dog toys they recommend at Consult this list before your next trip to the store for some good dog toy recommendations.

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Eryn Syne

Eryn Syne

20, Accounting Student at John Molson School of Business. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and I love them all.