Feature Fridays: Lili Chin’s Doggie Drawings

Every Friday we’re going to be sharing some content from amazing dog blogs around the web. This week we’re featuring Lili Chin’s “Dogs of the World”, sleek design and cuteness: two things we love at DogSync!

Artist and animator of 15 years, Lili Chin has been running “Doggie Drawings” as a full time business since 2008. With a style defined by simple drawings with great colours, she’s been featured in many shows, for good reason too. Chin has been hired to illustrate for some awesome movements such as the Yellow Ribbon movement, which you can check out here. The following illustrations are from her “Dogs of the World” series: so many dogs, so much cute!

Here we have Asia, which just might have the cutest dogs out there. Pugs and Shibas? Yes please!

Asian Dogs

From Pomeranians to Great Danes, it seems that Germany has a dog of every size.

german dogs

Finally, Canada is clearly lacking in the small dog department, but not cuteness!


So there we have it, check out Lili Chin’s website for more and give the rest of her drawings a look here. Tune in next week for another Feature Fridays!


Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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