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Dog Artist Highlight of the Week: Inkpug

Every Friday we feature awesome dog content from around the web. This week’s Feature Friday dog artist is Inkpug, because pugs are just as cute when they’re drawn as they are in real life!

Dog Artist of the Week: Inkpug

Cartoon illustrations are a great medium, they manage to bring out so much personality while showing so little. Inkpug is a series of illustrations by Lauren and Gareth, last names mysterious, that feature adorable pugs in comedic situations… It’s hard not to feel warm inside while perusing their multiple social media feeds. Here are a few great Inkpug illustrations from their Instagram:

It’s clear that Lauren and Gareth both love Pugs very much. Their reason for constantly doodling them is because they’re “expressive and elastic, emotional and bizarre…a little bit human and a little bit ‘It Came From Outer Space’.” Lauren’s corporate role in Inkpug is being the “Main Pug” and describes herself as an illustrator, coffee lover, and animal lover. Gareth is the “Executive Pug” and chief snacker. Main Pug and Executive Pug are two roles that aren’t yet filled up in the DogSync team but they’re definitely positions that should be implemented into every business out there.

If these previous six illustrations haven’t already won your heart, chances are you don’t love pugs. If you want to support Lauren and Gareth so that they keep making awesome drawings check out their Etsy, which you can access here.

(P.S. Lauren: I’m also very excited for the return Special Agent Dale Cooper!)

That’s a wrap for this week’s Feature Friday, thanks for tuning in. Check in next time for other dog artist highlights. Also, be sure to check out our application, there’s a lot of great new features that we’re excited to implement in 2016! 

Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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