Startupfest Montreal Better Be Ready for DogSync!

Startupfest Montreal, here we come! We’re excited for the next few days of networking, partying, and being able to show people from around the world just what DogSync is about. Startupfest is a global gathering of innovative entrepreneurs, successful VCs and Angels, and all around awesome people.

Where to find us at Startupfest

We’ll be posting updates on our Twitter throughout the week about which conferences we’re attending and our thoughts on talks, AMAs, and anything else going on in the festival. But what’s so cool about finding us at the festival when there’s thousands of others that equally just as cool? The answer is Shiba. Find us, and you’ll be able to meet Mango, our newest addition to the DogSync family. Besides, Startupfest may get a little heated so I’m sure her licks will cool you down and giving her a petting session or two may reduce your stress!

startup festUse Our Snapchat Filter

We’ve made the coolest Snapchat filter that you’ll be able to use during the festivities… well that’s assuming you like:

  1. Doge
  2. Mango Doge
  3. Much Cute
  4. Such Wow Selfies

So be sure to say hi!

We won’t bite, we pinky promise.

Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

I love dogs as much as they love squirrels