Dog Illustrations: The Best of the Web

Dog Illustrations: sometimes the best ones can be tough to find

The following is a collection of the best dog illustrations that will surely please your eyes. If you like what you see, leave a comment below. Any artists you want featured? Comment below as well!

Lili Chin

dog illustrations
Inkpug is 100% cute!

What first caught my eye about Lili Chin was her “Dogs of the World” illustrations, covered in a previous blog post. What’s kept me interested Lili Chin is her amazing infographics with quality information about dog care.


InkPug is a collection of the cutest pug doodles you’ll find on the web. We’ve already featured them once here on our blog, and when we did they sent us the cutest thank you card. Their illustrations rock and they’re the coolest people out there so check out their etsy!


Emily has some awesome paintings on her Instagram. Cute dog illustrations with vibrant colors and awesome lines, her channel is not to be missed.

From Angie with Love

Angie does commissioned pencil drawings. Her instagram can be found here and she also has a website. I wish I could draw like her!

Laura Palumbo

Laura Palumbo’s drawings have been featured once already on this blog, but they’re so stylish we figured we’d feature it twice. The blog post can be found here and be sure to check out her page!


Jess Stanley does commission art for animal lovers, from dogs to deers, she does it all. Her instagram is full of great art, including pictures of the drawings while being worked on. Jess’ near photo realistic drawings are a real pleasure to the eye.


Squidbrains makes adorable drawings of cute and chubby animals. The drawings that grab my heart are definitely the corgi ones, who doesn’t love corgis?

dog illustration
One of my favorite of Dooodleee’s drawings


Dooodleee, also called Daisy, is a Vet as well as an illustrator. Her line styles and coloring make for some very pleasing treats when browsing instagram.

Rafael Mantesso

Rafael Mantesso might not draw dogs, but he definitely draws things next to his dog. Jimmy seems like the coolest dog and Rafael deserves all the praise he gets for his channel.



IamJohnBond’s style has come a long way since I started following his Instagram a while back. Follow his feed to get a daily dose of doggie cuteness.

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Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

I love dogs as much as they love squirrels