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Dog Care Simpified: The Why Behind DogSync

Last month, we released a new version of DogSync that followed closer to the vision we have always held, a vision where dog owners were empowered as never before to care for their dogs together. When we first started DogSync, we were dog owners like you who were desperate to care for our dogs as best we can.

We quickly realized dog owners don’t really have a problem with intent: the real problem is that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Our families were constantly overfeeding the dogs or hesitating on giving important medicines for fear of providing too high a dose. It was impossible to really track or communicate what was happening with the dog, something we’re sure you can sympathize with!

We live in an era where we have technology that helps us track everything around us, from top restaurant picks to the prices of our every online good, we thought why couldn’t we use this power to help dog owners coordinate on their doggy duties, the dog care that every loving dog owner commits themselves to?

We all have to walk our dog, give it medication, and make sure that they’re fed and watered at the right times. We may even have to deal with the pee and poo that comes with the daily love of a dog–but we shouldn’t have to deal with an incessant amount of texts or the fear of not knowing what is happening with the dog when we’re away. We shouldn’t have to hesitate and wonder who last walked the dog. We believed that you should be able to establish a consistent daily routine for your dog without straining to do so.

Paul, one of our users, put it best with his story:

 “Logistics are already a big challenge for the four humans in the family. School, work, and all of our extra activities make even eating together a challenge. In the middle of all of this sits Samwise, our very patient Shi-Tzu/Poodle that we adopted in May. Before DogSync, it was a big challenge to keep a good routine going for Sam that kept him comfortable and happy.”

We’ve heard it so many times from dog lovers like Paul. Everybody has different things happening in their lives: we all need more time in the day so we can do dog care for our precious doggies like Samwise.

DogSync helps you catch up on that time and ensures that every moment you spend with your dogs is the best it can be. A lot of startups tend to describe how they’re changing the world one trend at a time, but we’re not one of those startups. All we want to do is help you care for your dog as best you can by giving you the right tools to do so.

“DogSync lets the four of us know that we’re not waiting too long, or doubling up. Sam is happy because he knows what to expect from his people. The app doesn’t change the world, but it does just what it’s supposed to; and lets us enjoy more of the time we spend together.”

That, right there is our why. 


We want to help as many of our fellow dog lovers as possible with DogSync.

Roger Huang

Roger Huang

Lover AND a fighter. Roger aspires to own many dogs and no cats.