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Dog Blogs: Favorites from the Web

With so many dog blogs around on the web, it would be tough to point at one and say “THAT’S JUST THE BEST DOG BLOG”. This list is going to be around sites that the DogSync office frequents. Also, obviously our blog is just the best in the world… but we’re humble.

Sometimes finding the best dog blogs can leave you in a derpy state… So here you go:

Dog Milk: Modern Dog Blog

Dog Milk is not only a very visually pleasing website, it also offers great content. There’s hot new products, articles about design, and even baking recipes for dog lovers who enjoy making their own treats.


BarkPost is always sharing articles about the latest dog news. If you see something funny circulating on Facebook about dogs, BarkPost probably already covered it. They’re also always posting on their social media platforms so check out their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram while you’re at it!


PetGuide is great for staying on top of new products in not only the dog world, but the pet world as well. They’re always sharing new kickstarter campaigns, along with great information useful for any dog owner.

Oh my Dog!

Oh My Dog! offers a daily dose of awesome doggie goodness. The writer, Maggie, provides stories of her experiences with her dogs, training tips, and more. The blog also looks cute, so there’s that too!

Hiking Girl with Dog

Having spoken with Jamie over email, not only is she super nice, but her blog has great posts about hiking with her dog Xena. It’s really pleasant reading the stories about her experiences. Keep an eye out for a Q&A that will be happening with Jamie soon on our blog!

Life with Dogs

Life with Dogs has so much content it’s hard to pinpoint where someone should start when visiting the blog. There’s health information, funny videos, training tips, and even more. There’s bound to be some content on the site that will make you feel a range of emotions.

/r/Dogs SubReddit

While this may not necessarily count as a blog, the Dogs subreddit is an amazing resource for any dog owner. There’s always discussions going on and there’s a great active community.

Bonus: Top Dog Tips

Top Dog Tips produces great content and the site is also very pleasing to the eye. The posts are informative, well put together, and the reviewers are awesome too!

That’s it for now! Still reading? We’ve also made an app for dog care and would love it if you checked it out! 


Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

I love dogs as much as they love squirrels

  • Maggie

    WOW! Thank you so much for including us in this list. We at OMD are very flattered to be among such inspiring blogs. Thank you, thank you!

  • Jim

    Thanks for the lists!