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Dog Animation Shorts

Every Friday we’re sharing some amazing dog content from around the web. This week we’re featuring five dog animation shorts (focusing around dogs obviously) that are worth a watch!

The great thing about art is that, unless if it’s spoken, it isn’t limited to language. A great short animation piece, whether it’s in Russian or French, can still be appreciated by everyone around the world. Why talk about language before opening up the list of great animation pieces? That’s because this first dog animation is in Russian, but it’s still very cute.

The Coolest Dog Animation Shorts:

If only every cell phone advertisement were like this one. You can watch the behind the scenes, which are adorable, here.

This one is interesting. I wonder what it would look like in 3D?

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Short animations like this leave you with a lot of questions about what the intent behind the piece was, but that’s also what makes them great. Makes you think. 

The animation in this one is great, dogs definitely look better water colored. 

Have you ever wondered why dogs chase their tails? Wonder no more! “My Happy End” is a little bit longer than the previous videos, but it’s 5:22 of cuteness.

There we have it folks, hopefully you enjoyed these dog animation shorts as much as I did. Feel free to sound off in the comments if there’s anything that struck you as interesting! Be sure to check in on a regular basis if you want to be supplied with doggy goodness.

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Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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