Meet the Team: Cory “Creative Dude”

Ever wonder what went on behind the world’s most beautiful app? Wonder no more. This bi-weekly installment of posts will be introducing you to the wonderful team that makes up DogSync. This week’s interviewee is Cory Switzman, the Creative Director. Cory likes to stream Twitch feeds, play Destiny, and make DogSync pretty.

When did you start working for DogSync?
I started at DogSync near the very beginning of its inception. I was consulted to beautify the original wire frame which at the time were just words inside boxes.


Over the years, while I was in Cegep and after that University, I did bits of consulting on UI and Branding. After finishing Uni, I worked at a brewery for a year and DogSync was my side project. I went from treating it as a pet project to working on it as my literal pet project. (Laughs at cheesy play on words)

What do you do now at DogSync?
I came on full time as creative director of DogSync, fleshing out the work that I did over the years to make the product cohesive, revamping everything from start to finish. Can I pause to say that you’re the greatest interviewer I’ve ever had?

How many have you had?
This would be my first.

Does that mean I’m also the coolest one too?
(Remains silent)

Do you have a dog?
My parents replaced me when I moved to University by getting a Maltese, her name’s Suki. She’s like a sister to me now.

If you were at a party and someone asked what the company you worked for was about, what would you pitch it as?
I’m horrible to pitch. DogSync is the one stop shop, be all end all app for both current and future dog owners.

What’s your favourite movie?
That’s a hard one. Almost Famous.

Good choice, can you sing all of tiny Dancer?

What’s something that you’re excited about for the future of DogSync?
Where do I start? We’re going to be pushing out reminders. It’s been a request amongst our users when giving feedback. We’re super excited to be bringing it to you in the next few weeks.

What’s so great about reminders?
Aside from it being the most requested feature? It’s a more passive way of being able to use DogSync and the next step in the evolution of DogSync. You set it one time and you let it play its role on its own, based on weekly routines that you set yourself.
Aside from reminders, we have a lot of other cool tidbits that will be coming in the next few months and we’re super excited to roll them out.

What’s your favorite song to wake up to?
Run Away (U&I) By Galantis

So there we have it, you now know Cory a little bit better. Isn’t he cool? Be sure to check our blog on the regular for more content. If you’re curious about our App you can check it out here.


Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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