11 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Dog Owners

What would it look like if you had the best holiday gift ideas for dog owners? You’d certainly have a lot of happy doggies!

At DogSync, we want to help you pick out the best gifts for your dog loving friends. For the purposes of full disclosure, some of these products are sold by affiliate partners, but you have our full guarantee that we only choose the most awesome dog products to work with. Let’s get started.

1) Whistle GPS Dog Tracker

Price: $79.95

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Whistle GPS Dog Tracker with DogSync

We’ve written a lot about Whistle, but that’s because it still is so cool to us. Imagine if you never had to worry about where your pet was, and you had an app that pinged you every time your dog left a certain area. That’s what the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker promises. You can read more about it in our recap of the Whistle product.

The GPS collar can help anybody you give it to track exactly where their dog is at all times. There’s no price you can really put on that ease of mind.

2) Fitbark Dog Activity Tracker

Price: $69.95

Holiday discount: 30% off!

Fitbark with DogSync

Let’s go from tracking where your dog is to what your dog is doing. The Fitbark Dog Activity Tracker makes sure that your dog is still fit and trim with a sensor that attaches to your dog’s collar and an app that allows you to see if your dog is slacking off, or training like an Olympian.

This is the perfect gift for anybody who has ever wanted to properly train their dog, and ensure that they live out their days as healthily as possible.

3) Personalized DogIDs tags

Price: As low as $17

Dogids with DogSync

Want to go with a lovely low-tech touch instead of the high-tech goodness? Get DogIDs personalized dog collars, and make sure everybody knows who your precious doggy is.

This is an especially good gift for somebody who doesn’t want to complicate their lives with too much technology, but who nevertheless believes that their dog deserves to have an unique place in the world.

4) Best Bully Sticks

Price: From $2.99

BestBullySticks with DogSync

It’s important that every dog is well-fed. You can send your friend a healthy snack with an all-protein Bully Stick. These sticks are made with antibiotic-free chicken, so you’ll be doing something good for your friend’s dog and for the environment.

At reasonable prices, this might be a great gift to give to your friend who is in need of nutritious, wholesome food for their dogs.

5) Bake-a-Bone Dog Treat Maker

Price: $39.99

Bake a Bone with DogSync

This treat baker can create natural dog treats in just a few minutes. It makes the perfect gift for somebody who would rather create their own dog treats outright. This is the perfect tool for the people in your life who are super into DIY and dogs.

6) Petcube

Price: $199.99

Petcube with DogSync

Do you want to do more than just track your dog’s activity on an app? Petcube allows you or any dog-loving friend the ability to watch your dog in action even if you’re not at home. It makes for the perfect holiday gift for every dog owner who has wanted to see what happens to their dog when they leave the house.

7) Dinosaur Chewing Toy

Price: $9.96

Nylabone with DogSync

The Nylabone dental chew allows any dog to travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs. This fun, flexible rubber chew toy helps improve dental health for your dogs, and it gives them a fun little outlet to expend their pent-up energy.

It’s the perfect gift for those dog owners who need to keep their dogs occupied at all times.

8) Auto-Refilling Dog Bowl

Price: $55.79

Auto-Refilling Dog Bowl with DogSync

We live in an era where everything is getting more and more automated and more efficient. Why can’t that apply to the care of our beloved dogs? This auto-refilling dog bowl is like something out of the Jetsons–and it’ll ensure that even if you don’t happen to be there, your dog will always have water and be hydrated.

This is a great gift for people who are often away from the home and want to make sure their dog gets the best of everything no matter what.

9) Dog Hide-A-Squirrel Squeak Toy

Price: $20.14

Dog Toy with DogSync

Does your dog loves barking at squirrels? Do you want to help unlock their internal Sherlock Holmes? Well, you’re in luck! This squeak toy puzzle will help your dog’s finer sense of hunting and intelligence, as they scramble to get the plushie squirrels hiding away in a soft plushie tree trunk. The toy is designed specifically to get dogs engaged with hunting their soft toy prey!

You should consider getting this for anybody who has a curious dog who can’t help but track those squirrels out of the corners of their eyes.

10) Trudog Nutrition System

Price: $129.95

Exclusive discount: 10% off with promo code DOGSYNC10!

Trudog with DogSync

Do you want to make a statement? Help a dog owner make sure that their dog is completely healthy with the Trudog Nutrition System. With a complete package that includes help with dog breath, unlocking dog joints, and veterinarian approved immune system boosts, this Trudog pack will help dogs maintain their health in tip-top condition.

We’ve partnered with Trudog to get you an exclusive 10% discount with our promo code DOGSYNC10! That makes this an even better gift for all of your friends.

11) Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

Hyper dog ball launcher with DogSync

Have you ever wanted to get really good at fetch with a dog? Now you can give the gift that keeps on giving for all of your dog owner friends, a hyper ball launcher that will push your ball meters away from what you could achieve with your own hand. It is the best gift you could get a dog owner who needs to deal with a dog with so much pent-up energy, that human arm strength is just not enough.

We hope your enjoyed our list of great Christmas gift ideas for dog owners. Let us know if you can think of any more in the comments! :)

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