Bad Dog Food Ingredients [infographic]

Have you ever wonder if some ingredients hidden in dogs’ food could be bad for them? Mary Nielsen from My Sweet Puppy has created a helpful infographic presenting you with common dog food ingredients that you should try to avoid. Here’s her post!

Why You Should Be Aware Of Bad Dog Food Ingredients

Recent studies reveal many ingredients in dog food can have disastrous consequences on your dog’s health. Being aware of bad ingredients in dog food could save your pet’s life. Read on for more reasons you should be aware of them and a list of ingredients you should know about.

Health and Wellness

The primary reason you need to know what you’re feeding your dog is for their overall health and wellness. Many of the ingredients in popular dog foods can cause diseases, including cancer, and conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome. Some of these conditions can make your pet miserable and shorten their lifespan.


A lot of dogs have allergies that can flare up or worsen when they eat certain brands or type of food. If your dog has a food allergy, you will need to find food that both supplies nutrition for your pet and tends to their specific allergy.

Conditions and Diseases

Many dog food ingredients, including carrageenan, ethoxyquin, BHA, and food dyes are harmful to dogs. Carrageenan causes intestinal inflammation that could lead to cancer. Ethoxyquin can be responsible for kidney and liver damage, as well as blindness, immune deficiency syndrome, and leukemia in dogs. BHA is a preservative used in dog food that can cause kidney damage. Food dyes are added to wet pet food to imitate the color of fruits, vegetables, and meat. They can cause organ damage, allergic reactions, hyperactivity, and cancer.

When you are looking for food that is nutritious and beneficial to your dog, look for ingredients that have either no preservatives or only natural ones. Also make sure the pet food has human-grade ingredients.


Ask your vet for more advice on which food brand you should select to cater to your dog’s needs. If you liked this infographic, check this one on creative dog fitness and don’t forget to stay pawesome :)

Caroline Lussier

Caroline Lussier

Former cat person, I joined the dog side of the force recently and I'm not regretting it.

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