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Dog Gifs: 16 Picks

Gifs are a great way to get noticed on social media channels. Most large accounts use them in order to grab the viewers attentions amidst a wall of static images. Here are some of my favourite dog gifs that I’ve been using across the DogSync Twitter and Facebook:

The Coolest Dog Gifs

Even though this one is for a Heinz ad, I can imagine this .gif being the ending scene to some movie about a Dachshund revolution.

For those days that feel endless, this Chihuahua can relate.

If you can’t escape from the cage, escape WITH the cage.

“thx 4 the pizza, bye”

Ferrets don’t play no games!

Reminiscent of late night photo shoots with a friend who’s been partying too hard.

“Do you think this bikini makes me look husky?”

That feeling of pure relaxation!

“127 Hours: Trapped in the Toilet”

I want to be this Corgi.

“why are you filmi- OH LOOK A CAKE”

“Sign up for the 3T and let’s get that T4 income quadrillion going George”

Pluto meets Pluto.


It’s all one big circle man.

Thanks for browsing these awesome dog .gifs and have an awesome day!

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Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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