About Dogsync

Officially launched on September 14th 2015, DogSync is an application currently available for iPhones. Our aim is to ease the communication process for dog owners by offering a simple alternative to families with busy schedules. Instead of asking  your whole family if the dog’s been walked through text, DogSync keeps everyone informed with the tap of a button. Through DogSync, users can register a wide variety of tasks including:


Users can also ask other members of the group to complete tasks, set reminders, and many other useful and fun additions that can ease a dog owners day to day life.

Why dogsync was started

Two years ago, our family adopted an adorable puppy named Winston. We figured that with 6 of us looking after the dog would be easy… It wasn’t.

Communicating was a challenge. We were often left wondering, “was the dog let out?”, “was the dog fed?”, “who fed him?”and the list went on.

We tried everything from mass texts to calendars in the kitchen, with little success. Then suddenly it dawned on me. There was only one thing in the world I was as obsessed with as dogs, and that was technology. DogSync had to be invented.

DogSync has spent two years in development. A team of dedicated dog lovers has worked hard to make it simple to use and relevant to dog owners like ourselves. Our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and pet care to make our lives simpler.

Ben Syne
CEO/Co-Founder of DogSync

Our Writing Team


Roger Huang

Lover AND a fighter. Roger aspires to own many dogs and no cats.



A11402693_10155700490645231_3416767186072476696_nlec Schwinghamer

Alec loves dogs as much as they love squirrels




Jessica Hoffman

Full-time animal lover, yogi, and foodie, part-time copywriter. Aspiring to own a farm full of shiba inus.



eryn-dogEryn Syne

Accounting Student at John Molson School of Business. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and I love them all.