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7 Dog Training Tips Useful for Any Dog Owner

Hey dog lovers! We put together a list of 7 dog training tips that will be useful for any dog owners out there. The videos provided are all featuring our Chief Dog Officer Winston Syne, isn’t he a cute little guy?


This is an essential trick to teach your dog, good thing it’s not too difficult!

  1. Hold the treat to the dog’s nose
  2. Move your hand up and the dog will look up with the treat and lower his derriere
  3. When in sitting position, say the command “sit” and give a treat to your furry friend


Once your dog’s learned to sit down on command, why not teach him paw? Follow this link to learn the trick like a boss.


For those times that your dog is busy running after a cat, this one is definitely useful.

  1. Put leash on the dog’s collar
  2. Get on the dog’s level and say “come” while gently pulling on the dogs leash
  3. Reward the dog with a treat when he comes to you


This one can be a bit trickier for dogs that have trust issues,¬†otherwise it shouldn’t be too difficult:

  1. Hold the treat in your fist
  2. Hold hand to the dog’s nose, while he’s smelling it, lower your hand to the floor
  3. Slide your hand along the floor so his body follows with his head
  4. Once in position, say the command “down”

Roll Over

So your dog is a master at laying down… Let’s add a Roll Over to the mix! Check out this blog post if you want a more detailed guide.


Perfect for those times that you want to play hide and seek, something I used to do all the time with my dog.

  1. Ask the dog to sit
  2. Open palm in front and say “Stay”
  3. Take a few steps back, reward with treat if he stays
  4. Extend length and keep rewarding


This one’s a silly trick just for fun, no real practicality to it but it can be a fun little trick to teach your dog! Follow this link for a more detailed guide on this fun trick.

Something to Keep in Mind:

When training a dog, it’s important to keep in mind that always rewarding with a treat isn’t necessarily effective. In order to increase the likeliness of the dog performing a trick without a treat in return, only give the treat at random times. If the dog knows that the reward is at random intervals, they’ll remember the trick longer rather than forget it once the treats stop coming in. To read more about this, check out the study on Pavlov’s Dog and classical conditioning!

We hope you enjoyed these 7 dog training tips. We’ve been working hard on making our app that facilitates dog care.

Roger Huang

Roger Huang

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