Heart-Warming Dog Charities with DogSync

50 Heartwarming Dog Charities

At DogSync, we love heart-warming stories of dogs and their owners so we’ve tried to collect as many as possible. We hope you enjoy the results! :)

Charities That Shelter Dogs

Dog shelters with DogSync
Dog shelters and playing fetch :)


Nowzad is a town in the middle of the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. This is where Royal Marine Sergeant ‘Pen’ Farthing took care of many stray dogs walking around. After the best-selling book “One Dog at a Time” was published, Nowzad became a charity that operates the only official animal shelter in Afghanistan.

Soi Dog Foundation

The Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit based in Phuket Thailand, who look after over 200 dogs at their shelter.

The Shelter Pet Project

The Shelter Pet Project is all about finding shelter dogs for you to rescue. Enter your zip code and find a new friend!

Wayside Waifs

Wayside Waifs regularly has more than 300 adorable companions waiting to be adopted. They also help educate kids on how to care for their furry companions. They’re located right in the middle of Kansas City.

Recycled Doggies

Non-profit dog rescue founded in September 2009 in Cincinnati for shelter dogs in need of love. They take the best way to recycle, turning abandoned shelter pets into adored family pet members! That’s wooftastic :)

Wild Care

Wild Care is a non-profit organization based in the San Fransisco Bay Area with a wildlife hospital, nature education programs for schools and individuals, and a wildlife solutions service.

Charities That Rescue Dogs

Rescue Dogs with DogSync
We rescue them and they rescue us :)

Save the Strays

Save The Strays says they are “helping raise awareness of stray dogs & stray dog euthanisation in the UK and encouraging people to donate & volunteer for animal rescues.”

Search Dog Foundation

The Search Dog Foundation is an American charity that takes rescued dogs and partners them with firefighters and other first responders so that they become hero dogs–or as the foundation puts it, dogs go from being the rescued to the rescuer.

Mill Dog Rescue

National Mill Dog Rescue says that they “rescue, rehabilitate and re-home retired commercial breeding dogs from puppy mills”. It’s a noble mission and they carry it out well.

Pet Smart Charities

PetSmart Charities, the philanthropy arm of PetSmart,  finds homes for more than 400,000 dogs and cats every year.

Staffie Rescue

A 100% volunteer run dog rescue in Surrey, UK with tons of enthusiasm, and awesome, committed staff.

PAWS Chicago

PAWS Chicago is the city’s largest No Kill humane organization. It continually strives to end the senseless killing of stray dogs.


Pupaid is a British campaign to end the cruel puppy farming industry and to promote rescue pets. They’re going to have a big fun dog show September, 3rd, 2016.

Eleventh Hour Rescue

Eleventh Hour Rescue is a volunteer based, nonprofit, 501c3 organization that saves dogs from death row. They rely on volunteers to provide homes for dogs (and yes, even cats) from high-kill shelters that are on the verge of taking time away from precious pets.

Pup Dog Rescue

PUP is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization that specializes in saving adorable little pups. They say that they even save the occasional cat, but don’t hold it against them!

Four Paws Animal Rescue

Four Paws Animal Rescue is doing a lot of good work in the UK as an independent charity looking to rescue all sorts of animals. They have a primary focus on saving dogs.

Grateful Dogs Rescue

Grateful Dogs rescues all dog breeds from San Francisco Bay Area shelters that are looking to put them down. Since 1990, they’ve been placing rescued dogs in experienced foster homes, and they’ll provide veterinary care until loving dog owners welcome a new dog to their home. They host Pet Pride Days near Golden Gate Park where people are encouraged to have fun with their pets and meet dogs available for adoption.

Animal Alliance NYC

A 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that works with over 150 partner pet rescue groups and shelters to turn New York City into a no-kill zone for all pets. They want everybody to adopt a little New Yorker–and they’ve saved over 275,000 lives since 2003!

Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue

Bald Is Beautiful Hairless and Small Breed Rescue, Inc. is a national 501c3 non profit organization. Their volunteers have over 25 years of combined experience rescuing dogs. Bald is Beautiful brings together dog lovers of all sorts to rescue doggies!

Charities Ending Dog Suffering

Dog Welfare Charities with DogSync
End doggy suffering!


OneKind is a UK-based animal protection charity that works to end animal suffering through research and advocacy.

World Vets

World Vets is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides free veterinary aid all over the world. It looks to raise awareness on how people can help animals, and it manages multiple international veterinary and disaster relief programs. They have over 3,600 volunteers around the world dedicated to improving animal welfare: you could say they were the wooftastic version of Doctors without Borders!

World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection has a presence in 50 countries around the world. They work with local partners to spread the creed of animal protection and welfare: their descriptions puts it best. They move the world to protect animals.


The largest animal rights organization in the world, with over 3 million members and counting. There’s not much to say here that hasn’t already been said, but no list of dog charities is complete without PETA.

Big Dog Rescue Ranch

Big Dog Ranch Rescue says, “they are a leader in the national animal welfare movement, through compassionate, innovative rescue practices and transformative educational programs. Our goal is to give the gift of life to as many dogs as humanly possible, enrich the lives of those who adopt them, and in doing so, help create a better world.”


The SPCA has been serving pets in Quebec since 1869. They offer pet adoption services and promote pet welfare across the Canadian province and they have “Beasts of Fashion” parties to celebrate our furry friends :)

Charities That Train Service Dogs

Service Dogs with DogSync
Dogs can help us everywhere.

Support Dogs

Support Dogs is a national British charity that provides, trains and supports specialist assistance dogs to help people in need.

Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs’ mission is to train specialist dogs to detect the odour of human diseases including various types of cancer and certain food allergies.

Dogs for the Deaf

Dogs for the Deaf is an American charity that rescues dogs from shelters and for a $50 application fee puts in $25,000 worth of investment into training those dogs into service dogs that help people with disabilities.

Irish Guide Dogs

Irish Guide Dogs is a national Irish charity that is dedicated to helping the blind live with dignity by providing them with world-class seeing eye dogs.

Assistance Dogs Australia

Assistance Dogs Australia trains both Labradors and Golden Retrievers to help people with a wide range of disabilities–and they even give you the option of sponsoring a super puppy! :)

Dog A.I.D

Dog A.I.D is a registered charity that trains pet dogs to become assistance dogs for people with disabilities in the United Kingdom.

Paws with a Cause

Paws with a Cause is a leader in providing custom-trained assistance dogs.

US Service Dog Registry

The US Service Dog Registry says that “We are a free, voluntary, non-governmental,
privacy-conscious and secure registry designed to promote community-defined training and behavior standards.”

Dogs for Autism

Dogs for Autism is a part of Vested Partners, a South Carolina based organization that helps with various service dog functions. This particular chapter trains dogs to help children with autism, helping them open up to the world with a loving and adorable companion dog.

Freedom Guide Dogs

This dog charity is celebrating more than 20 years of pairing seeing-eye dogs with the visually impaired. Based in upstate New York, the dog charity breeds, trains, and places guide dogs with the blind and offers their services to people on the Eastern coast of the United States at no cost.

Canine Companions

Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Canine Companions is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs. They have a sterling reputation for providing the very best in service dogs, and they organize the DogFest Walk ‘n Roll in different cities–a tail waggin’ good time for all!

Charities That Deploy Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs with DogSync
Sometimes we all need a little comfort.

Ottawa Therapy Dogs

OTD is a Canadian charity that uses registered therapy dogs to provide the best therapy there is: dog therapy. Bonus points for reducing stress and for them being fellow Canadians!

Gabriels Angels

Gabriels Angels has about as angelic a mission as you can have: they deliver dog therapy to abused or at-risk children, helping them build trust and confidence and relieve some of their pain by connecting them with a happy, furry friend.

Charities Making Things Easier for Dog Owners

Dog owners with DogSync
Dog owner love!

Brown Dog Foundation

Brown Dog Foundation is a non-profit organization that will provide aid for a family in need to support them and their dogs through tough times. They save family pets by ensuring that dog owners can care for their dogs to the fullest even under the roughest of circumstances.

No Paws Left Behind

No Paws Left Behind is a not for profit organization that has committed itself to save foreclosure pets. To date, over 1,000 pets have been saved and placed in “No-Kill” shelters. When dog owners go through a foreclosure process, it can be a struggle to keep caring for their pets–No Paws Left Behind makes sure that their pets aren’t left behind. With millions of Americans losing their homes due to the mortgage crisis, there has never been a more pressing time for No Paws Left Behind to press on their work.

Breed Specific Dog Charities

Greyhounds ftw!
Greyhounds ftw!

Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust

This greyhound trust is an independent registered charity based in Lincolnshire which finds good homes for retired racing greyhounds. They have kennels in Boston & Gainsborough. They have already helped settle more than 1,400 greyhounds into the arms of loving familes!


This advocacy organization works tirelessly to pass greyhound protection laws, end dog racing, and promote greyhound adoption. They are strong proponents of the idea that dogs should only run for fun.

Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida

A 501-C non-for-profit organization based in Florida that is dedicated to saving every Siberian husky in the state. They’ve been at it since 1999!

Golden Gate Basset Rescue

Golden Gate Basset Rescue is an organization dedicated to the protection and adoption of basset hounds all throughout Northern California. They’ve been working since 2005, and they rehome close to 100 basset hounds every year. Every penny they get goes to caring for those dogs.

Dog Charities Doing More Awesome Stuff!

Awesome dogs with DogSync
More awesome dog charities???

Charity Pups

Charity Pups raises awareness and dollars for a different animal-related nonprofit each month with great illustrations of dogs. It combines two of our favorite things: looking at adorable dog pictures and helping great causes :)

Dogs Trust

This charity goes around and teaches children in schools how to properly and responsibly raise dogs. They offer free workshops in different elementary schools in the UK.

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