reasons your dog wants you to download pokemon go

5 Reasons Your Dog Wants you to Download Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has taken over. With its and strong social media presence it has quickly become a favourite, getting people outside and exercising more than ever! It is currently available on Android and Apple devices. Dogs everywhere have been benefiting from this app with their owners who are determined to catch ’em all, no matter how long a walk it takes. 

5 Reasons Your Dog Wants you to Download Pokémon GO

By now everyone has heard about the Pokémon GO app. With its nostalgic feel combined with modern augmented reality technology it appeals to all ages and has quickly taken over people’s lives around the world. It is getting people out of the house and into the real world collecting Pokémon all over their neighborhoods, as well as battling other players in virtual gyms that are scattered around cities. This rise outdoor exercise has not only proven great for humans, but also for dogs! Without a doubt, your dog will love you for downloading it. Here are 5 reasons why your dog wants you to get Pokémon GO!

1. Long walks

Pokémon GO has brought people out of their houses in record numbers. Between having to walk to hatch those eggs or going to the closest gym, your dog will be right there beside you enjoying the adventure. They will love the long walks, and you will get great company. It’s a win-win! Plus, who is a better sidekick than your dog?

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2. Meeting other dogs

Without a doubt other trainers are going to bring their dogs around with them. Your dog will love meeting all the other dogs who are out being sidekicks for their humans. So many new friends to make!

3. Hanging out with other dogs while you battle at gyms

Sometimes battles can take awhile, especially if you are staking out and protecting gyms. This means that your dog will not only get to meet lots of new dogs, but also have lots of time to socialize with the other dogs around. They will have some new best friends in no time. Lucky them!

4. Walk for a Dog App

The Walk for a Dog app by WoofTrax tracks your location and based on how far you walk will donate to the animal shelter of your choice! With all of the added users on it due to Pokémon go it is making a huge difference to pups all over America. The app works in the background tracking your location as you catch Pokémon and getting those eggs to hatch without interfering with gameplay! Although you can’t choose Canadian (or any other country other than America’s shelters) just yet, you can feel even better about catching em all.

5. Get to see new places

Pokémon GO will bring you to places that your dog may have never gotten to sniff before. Think of all the opportunities they will have to smell and pee on new things! Some of those PokéStops may be a little out of the way of your normal walking routes, but you don’t want to run out of PokéBalls – trust me it happens – and your dog will love it too!

Bonus reason!

If you live in or around Muncie, Indiana be sure to check out Muncie Animal Shelter! They have started up a new program where you can go in and walk shelter dogs. All you have to do is go in between 10 am-5:30 pm and ask for a Pokémon GO dog, and they will give you a dog to walk while you are out hatching eggs.

Your dog will be stoked about all the ways they get to benefit from you playing, but always make sure to watch your dog as you are out capturing and battling! It can be easy to get distracted in the chase, but if you keep an eye out you both can turn your walks into long adventures! Grab your dog, get outside and go catch em all!

Caitlyn Simmons

Caitlyn Simmons

Professional dog petter.