#ThankfulThursdays: 3 Adorable Cutie Pies

Every Thursday we’re going to be posting a small Q&A with some fellow dog lovers. This week we’re featuring not one, not four, but THREE adorable Pack Leaders: Bear, K, and Hurley. 

Before diving deep into the Q&A, let’s meet the three cute doggies that are going to be featured in this post:

Tell us about your first meeting with your dog:

K 2
K Looking Majestic

K: He was 5 months old and still at his breeder.  The minute he let him loose he came running frantically towards me, it was love at first sight…
Hurley: Our first meeting with Hurley was amazing. He came running right up to us and instantly connected with the kids. He was so wobbly and full of energy but a big sleepy head too.
Bear: The first time I met Bear was a little over 5 years ago. I was going with my mom to work. We passed our office and went to a friend of my mom’s office. She had three Labrador puppies, one girl and two boys waiting for their Forever home. I wanted a boy and tried to decide between the two by just looking. Finally I decided to pick up the one that is now Bear. When I picked him up he licked me in the face and then wrapped both of his little front paws around my wrist. I knew right then that he was going to go home with me even though he was the anti-social pup in
the corner.

What’s a little thing your dog does that makes you instantly happy?

Who Says Puppy Eyes Are Just for Puppies?

K: When commanded down and wants to come closer to me, he will literally crawl towards me so as not to get up…
Hurley: When Hurley sleeps, he snores. He makes us laugh every time.
Bear: My dog will just randomly walk up and put his head on my knee and just looks up and gives me those “puppy
dog” eyes.

What is the most entertaining thing your dog does?

K: Chasing other animals (deers, jackals, birds, dogs, cats)
Hurley: The most entertaining thing Hurley does would have to be HOW he sleeps. Face up and legs on the air! He moves a lot and loves to snuggle.
Bear: To me the most entertaining thing is watching him use his “inside voice” for his bark. He doesn’t make any noise and just opens his mouth up like he is barking.

Does your dog have a nickname?

Hurley 2
What a Cutie

K: KayKoo
Hurley: We call him Hurley or Hurley Bax if he is getting in trouble!
Bear: Depending on which family member you ask it is anything from: Black Dog to Bear Bear to Fuzzy Butt.
Everyone calls him something different and he responds to just about everyone of them. My nephew who is 16 months old calls him “dog” and surprisingly Bear just lights up when he hears it.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

K: Watching a Rhodesian Ridgeback in action should be on everyone’s bucket list.
Hurley: We are so thankful for him!
Bear: I never imagined when I first got him that this dog would be my best friend.

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Alec Schwinghamer

Alec Schwinghamer

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