famous dogs

Famous Dogs on Instagram You Have to Follow

Famous Dogs on Instagram

Ever dreamed of stardom for your pooch? These doggy accounts show you what it takes to become one of the famous dogs on Instagram!

1. Boo the Pomeranian

Hi everybody 😘❤#dog #boothedog #pomerian #iamboo #buddy #love #instadog #followme #friends #socute #cute #boo

A photo posted by Boo the dog (@iamboo_officialfanpage) on


2. Pumpkin & sunshine


3. Marnie the Shih Tzu

No homework 4 Marn Marn (bc im a dog yay)

A photo posted by Marnie The Dog (@marniethedog) on


4. Manny the Frenchie


5. Lucielle Bull

Brows on fleek #fryday

A photo posted by Lucielle Bull (@lucyfarted) on


6. Dean the Basset

it feels like summer in november in canada! #thedream ☀️🕶

A photo posted by Deaner (@deanthebasset) on

   7. Tuna the Chiweenie


8. Marutaro the Shiba

  9. Barkley the Pom

Trained in snout to snout resuscitation💪🏾 A photo posted by Barkley (@barkleythepom) on

  10. Maggie the Coonhound


  11. Menswear Dog

Can’t talk before my morning coffee ☕️ #redmoon #hungover #canteven A photo posted by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) on

There you have it, all those famous dogs and all those Instagram accounts. Now what are you waiting for? Go follow them and get your daily dose of cuteness!!

Jess Hoffman

Jess Hoffman

Full-time animal lover, yogi, and foodie, part-time copywriter. Aspiring to own a farm full of shiba inus.