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10 Dogs That are Ready to See Star Wars

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, you’re probably really excited to see the new Star Wars: Episode VII. Well you’re not the only one, these dogs are too! Some may even say the force has awakened within them…

1. This Princess Leia and Darth Vader duo

star wars dog

2. These two Ewoks living onĀ Endor

ewok dogs

3.This Chewbaka with his twin

chubaka dog

4. This Darth Vader pup

darth vader dog

5. This tiny Yoda. “Adorable, I am!”

yoda dog

6. This death star, beware!

death star

7. This adorable R2D2


8. The prettiest Princess Leia


9. This Wampa, living in the ice planet Hoth


10. This Jedi Master


May the force be with you!

Jess Hoffman

Jess Hoffman

Full-time animal lover, yogi, and foodie, part-time copywriter. Aspiring to own a farm full of shiba inus.